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happy father's day [Jun. 19th, 2005|09:26 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |stockholm syndrome-muse]

o its father's day. woot. which means i have to do what my dad asks of me for a whole 24 hours. luckily he was sleeping for most of that. and i was only required to watch the majority of the US Open with him. which wasn't that bad, considering i was able to read the entire 5th harry potter book for the second time (gotta get ready for july 16th!)BUt seriously, what was tiger woods wearing? he looked like a bad valentines day card.

but yea. tennis camp starts tomorrow. woopee. not. i'm in the 'advanced' camp. i'm not advanced! this will not be enjoyable. maybe i'll get good though? nahhhhhhh. too bad julia is out with a shin injury.....o poo for her. how much you wanna bet she does the camp anyway and gets a compound fracture? o well. i really don't care.

so on friday i went to tour the university of mary washington for my sister. it was really pretty and fredricksburg is cool. and then we went to the SPCA in fredricksburg to look at the dogs. they had one really cute one, that was a stray and they just got in that day. we took pictures of it. but since it was a stray they had to hold it for 10 days, which probably meant its owner would come pick it up. it was a girl and it was small and they guessed about a year and half old. it was really friendly.

and then the rest of my summer has been spent laying out in the sun and reading. yup its pretty damn boring. but i don't really care.

who wants to go see RIZE with me? it looks pretty cool. yea, you know you want to see it.