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i wish that i didn't resemble a firetruck.... - say what? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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i wish that i didn't resemble a firetruck.... [Jun. 28th, 2005|09:10 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |gasolina-?]

Yea...my whole frontside hurts really bad. i can't move without being in extremem pain.

so today i did nothing. me and J watched wimbledon alllll morning. there were some good matches. Maria Sharapova beat Petrova. Mauresmo be Myskina. Davenport beat Kusnetscova (yea i mangled her name) and then williams (venus) beat Peirce in a awesoem 12 point tie break in the 2nd set. So on thursday i think....MAria sharapova will play venus...which will be an awesome match.
i hope its a roddick vs. federer mens final. or a roddick vs. hewitt. but federer is awesome...but he doesn't have the power of the hotness like roddick and hewitt.

i went driving today! yes! like the...4th time since i got my learners in NOVEMBER. My mom say i drvie "too fast" but she goes about 20 mph on every single road. and i think she has mild to severe road rage. blah shes like "BRAKE BRAKE! YOU'RE GOING TOO FAST BRAKE!" and i'm like "mom, duh, the speed limit 25 and i'm going 20 SIMMER!" and shes like "i'm not dumb" and then i roll my eyes. o well. i'll just get my chauffer to drive my aroung in my bentley.

omg i saw a aston martin today. it was the highlight of my tuesday. it was shiny...and then i stole it. its in my driveway right now...so you can come see it if you want..but you have to pay 5...no 10 dollars.

yup. i'm pretty bored.

tomorrow i'm going to go running. and i'm going to do my ab workout. hopefully it wont hurt because i'm so sunburnt.